Virtual Sales Agents

Support Machines Virtual Sales Agents can identify potential customers and can guide them through a purchasing decision or process.

Virtual Sales Agents interact with your customers through any chat system or through an e-mail invitation. Virtual Sales Agents are able to answer common questions about features and pricing, share product images and videos and help compare products or services.

Our Virtual Sales Agents can ask qualifying questions to gauge the customer’s readiness to buy and transfer the customer to a human agent to close the sale if needed.

If a human sales agent is not available, Support Machines Virtual Sales Agents can direct the customer to an online purchasing page or collect their contact information for a live sales person call back. The system allows human agents to review the entire chat transcript preventing wasted time and potential lost sales.

Virtual Sales Agents increase your ability to sell 24/7.

Support Machines’ patented solution offers a unique, easy-to-use customer support solution.
  • Answers queries based on specific product models or services
  • Provides personalized, account-based answers
  • Arranges groups of questions and answers into helpful and sensible conversation flows
  • Updates new answer data in a few simple steps
  • Guides customers within the question/answer process to a specific goal such as making a purchase
  • Offers automatic query completion (patented)
  • Works within several user interface and experience options (Chat, Comprehensive FAQ, Search)
  • Determines which unanswered queries are essentially the same for easier data management

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