Virtual Chat Agent

Support Machines Virtual Chat Agent is a cost effective way to provide 24/7, high quality customer service and support. Customers ask the system questions using unstructured free text just as they would with a live human agent.

Our virtual Auto-Chat agents are able to answer customer questions based on a pre-defined knowledge base. When needed, the system asks leading questions, collects background information and walks the customer through complex support scenarios such as setting up a device or software, or helps a customer fill out an online form or claim.

Support Machines Virtual Chat Agent works within all major website chat services and is easy to set-up.

The system uses a self-monitoring technology to gauge whether the customer is pleased with the answers, or whether it is failing to provide the support needed. If needed, the system is able to recalibrate its answers or hand-off the customer to a specific human support expert. The system summarizes the content of the Virtual Chat Agent conversation for the live agent, to save the agent’s time and to help speed up a satisfactory resolution for the customer.

Support Machines’ patented solution offers a unique, easy-to-use customer support solution.
  • Answers queries based on specific product models or services
  • Provides personalized, account-based answers
  • Arranges groups of questions and answers into helpful and sensible conversation flows
  • Updates new answer data in a few simple steps
  • Guides customers within the question/answer process to a specific goal such as making a purchase
  • Offers automatic query completion (patented)
  • Works within several user interface and experience options (Chat, Comprehensive FAQ, Search)
  • Determines which unanswered queries are essentially the same for easier data management

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