Q&A Widget

Support Machines’ Q&A Widget provides a quick and easy way for customers to receive answers to their questions without needing to read through lists of FAQs, web pages or online product manuals.

The Q&A Widget provides organized and tiered answers to each question, predicting not only the immediate answer but also what additional information could be of interest to the customer. It can easily be added to any page on your website.

The Q&A Widget can adapt its answers depending on the current web page the customer is seeing when asking the question. An auto-learning mechanism tracks each customer's questions and the answers they choose to view. This constantly improves the quality of information provided and gives your business valuable insight into the interests of your customers.

Support Machines’ patented auto-query completion technology also helps minimize typing needed by customers when typing their questions.

Customers can easily escalate from the Q&A Widget to a Support Machines virtual chat agent or a live human agent without leaving the Q&A Widget interface.

Support Machines’ patented solution offers a unique, easy-to-use customer support solution.
  • Answers queries based on specific product models or services
  • Provides personalized, account-based answers
  • Arranges groups of questions and answers into helpful and sensible conversation flows
  • Updates new answer data in a few simple steps
  • Guides customers within the question/answer process to a specific goal such as making a purchase
  • Offers automatic query completion (patented)
  • Works within several user interface and experience options (Chat, Comprehensive FAQ, Search)
  • Determines which unanswered queries are essentially the same for easier data management

For more information, please contact a Support Machines representative at sales@supportmachines.com.

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