Support Machines is pleased to be a senior partner of Liveperson, the leading chat services provider. Support Machines is deeply integrated with Liveperson’s systems and even offers special value-added features for Liveperson chat that are only available with Support Machines.

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LivePerson with Support Machines Automation - big value to customers

  • LivePerson customers able to make more meaningful conversations utililzing their Live Agents better.
  • LivePerson customers able to offer off-hours service using automation.
  • LivePerson customers able to increase chat presence while controling labor costs

Two Products:
  • Support Machines Q&A Widget
  • Support Machines Automated Chat

LivePerson with Embedded Chat Upgrade
- By Support Machines

A LivePerson extention that can be used standalone without auto-chat, and give the liveagents new capabilities:

  • Users can conduct chats inside your website window. They can view the website content while chatting, and can control the location and sie of the chat.
  • The Users can move from webpage to webpage and the chat will follow them.
  • The Agent can see all choose which website visitors to interact with using LivePerson rule engine for lead qualifications.
  • The Agent can start a conversation with a website visitor, even without requiring his consent, The Agent can continue a conversation with a user even if the user has minimized the chat.
  • Boost conversion and successful client Interaction rates.

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