Support Machines provides high quality, automated customer service solutions. Our platform provides customer support on the web, mobile applications and social networks. Our goal is to help our customers provide around-the-clock, professional customer service, while reducing applicable support costs by as much as 90%.

Support Machines was founded by a team of natural language processing experts who believe it is possible to create automatic customer conversations in a natural and friendly way.

Our platform recognizes that the answer to each question is based on the background context of the conversation. It also understands how to make multiple answers flow in a meaningful way whether in terms of giving instructions or incrementally informing a customer from more general to more specific information.

Support Machines believes that our friendliness and attention to customer service comes across in the way our automated systems help our client’s customers.



Amit Antebi – CEO & Founder

Mr. Antebi founded Support Machines in 2007 and is responsible for developing its core technology and patents. Prior to founding Support Machines, Mr. Antebi was co-founder of three companies, including Comsense, an innovative credit card technology company.

Mr. Antebi holds a Masters of Engineering degree Summa Cum Laude from Israel’s Techinion Institute


Amit Bohensky – Mentor, Board Member, Investor

Mr. Bohensky was CEO of Consist Systems and Technologies, one of the leading IT companies in Israel. Mr. Bohensky is the founder of several technology startups that have been successfully sold including FocalInfo, sold to Verint systems in 2012; Unicoders, sold to Matrix in 2007. He is also the Co-Founder of G-Factor Technology Incubator.

Amit Holds Executive MBA from Kellogg Recanati and B.Sc. in Computer Science and Chemistry from Bar Ilan University.


Ervin Leibovici - Executive Director

International Business Executive recognized as a strategic thinker with long term vision and excellent tactical execution capabilities in diverse industries and organizations. Held Leadership positions spanning from regional P&L responsibility for Global Companies to CEO of a Technology Startup and from hundreds to sub ten millions of dollars in yearly revenues.

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